Help Page

How to Upload Requested Documentation

  1. Log in to the Kenona Supplier Portal website using the credentials provided to you by Kenona staff.
  2. Select from the dropdown the Document Type you wish to upload.
  3. Select the applicable audit date (this date will also be used to determine when your documents are due again for upload in the future). Must be no later than today's date.
  4. Click Choose File and choose the file you wish to upload.
  5. Click Upload.
    • If you see a message stating your upload was successful, you're done!
    • If instead you see an error message, either try again or contact support at


Where is the registration page?
Registering is performed by Kenona personnel. A Kenona representative will reach out to you and provide you with your login information.
I forgot my password.
Please contact for assistance with resetting your password.